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Featured in The Wall Street Journal

At Geaux Vintage Antiques you’ll find individually selected, quality items, purchased from premier European shippers with years of experience. Nothing is purchased in bulk, as all items are individually selected, each piece for its unique characteristics and quality. I travel extensively, searching for beautiful pieces to offer to my customers.
Obviously I have a fondness for English oak, carved when possible, and barley twist is always preferred!! I’m drawn to antique beveled mirrors and tables of any size for their flexible use throughout the home and office, but I also have a love and fascination for the unique and unusual. Geaux Vintage will always provide surprises, perhaps an antique English letter scale, specialty Staffordshire, old Pub signs, and special furniture with original presentation plaques. I’m always drawn to a piece with provenance that provides more about its history - that’s “lagniappe” to all of us in Louisiana and I can’t pass it up!
And yes, the “Geaux” in Geaux Vintage Antiques is my “nod” and recognition to my home state of Louisiana. Even in north Louisiana, we say “Geaux Team” at football games, and it’s my little play on words. I “geaux” many places to find unique treasures for my customers and hope to become a valuable resource for your antique furniture needs for years to come.